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Arabian Horses

Arabian Horse

We are often told that Arabian horses are sometimes difficult to fit with a saddle. As saddles have "cut their teeth" in the endurance-riding world we have seen and fitted many Arab horses. They do not present us with more difficulties than other breeds although they may have some special considerations to be taken into account.

The main problem areas are; 1) the shortness of the back and 2) the position of the girth groove relative to the position of the saddle.

As the curvature of the saddle panel is matched to the curvature of the horse’s back the saddles do not make a bridging contact with the back. If the curvature changes with work it is a simple matter to make a readjustment to suit the new shape.

Problem (2) is not confined to Arabs but is more often seen especially in younger animals that are not fully developed. The consequence is that saddles always move forward, for a detailed discussion of this see Saddle Fitting for the Thinking Rider Part II , (soon to be on the site). We use three possible solutions to this problem all of which are currently in use; a) moving the girth straps forward and attached to the sweat flap, which requires a dressage style girth (we do not like to fit point straps as these apply too much pressure to the front of the saddle), b) a correctly designed and fitted crupper, c) a breeching which can thought of as a reverse breast plate or breast girth. In some cases one of these solutions has only been temporary as the horse, having changed shape, no longer requires it.

Having established that the Arab is not a problem to fit with asaddle click on the activity you are interested in and look at the saddles. (click to go back to the "Saddles by Activity, Breed, Problem).

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