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Balance and poise is so important in Dressage or Classical Riding. Often the much-desired shoulder-hip-heel position seems so hard to obtain and consumes that much muscle power and concentration that there is not much energy left for developing the finer art.

One of the many new concepts behind the saddles is the optimisation of the rider position. The saddle is adjusted to place the rider in the shoulder-hip-heel position, over the horse’s point of balance, without the need to move a muscle (see "Why buy a Free ’n’ Easy Saddle"?). This releases the muscles through the rider’s body to commit to balance, poise and the fine application of the aids.

For the horse, with the shoulder and back muscles released, the paces will become more elevated, extensions easier and lateral work more confident.

Dressage Special and Standard

Dressage Special
Dressage Standard

Both saddles have the same straight front line the Special having an external knee roll whereas the Standard has an adjustable roll on the sweat flap. Seats are available in 17" or 18" with suede as an option on seat and knee rolls.

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