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Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

Endurance riding requires conservation of energy on the part of both horse and rider. The horse must be fully connected to be able to travel at the desired speed with no energy being lost in discomfort or compensations in movement.

A rider placed in the shoulder-hip-heel position will have a better chance of being in balance at all times, becoming less fatigued and even when tired will be persuaded to sit correctly minimising balance disturbance to the horse.

Sure footedness over rough ground is of vital importance - horses compensating for or constrained by the saddle will be less able to pick and choose their going, especially at speed.

Thesaddles provide for all of these demanding requirements. The type of saddle to choose is very much up to the individual rider who will need to consider such things as body shape, security needs, other types of equestrian sporting activity engaged in.

Endurance Special

This saddle has been developed as a result of rider input where security at speed especially down hill is of paramount importance. This security is provided by the large front leg rolls, which provide support from the knee to midway up the thigh.

Endurance Standard

This saddle is again designed for riding with a long leg but has the appearance of a conventional working hunter saddle, the knee roll being on the sweat flap rather than the leg flap. The knee roll is however adjustable and can be moved or removed to suit the rider’s wishes.

Dressage Special and Standard

Not as commonly used as the other two, but for those who like the dressage position and the very straight cut leg flap this is a possible choice. The Special has the external knee rolls whereas the Standard has adjustable knee rolls on the sweat flap.

Dressage Special
Dressage Standard
General Purpose

For those rider’s of a bigger build this can be a good choice for endurance riding as it is often not possible to ride with a straight leg in comfort for any period of time. So the forward cut flap allows for a bent leg and room for the knee, while also maintaining the balanced riding position

Trekker I and Trekker II

Although these saddles represent the lower priced options they are used by many riders competing at the higher mileages and in race rides. The Trekker I has no sweat flap, an external knee roll and has dressage length girth straps. Both have a padded cloth or wool seat cover, which can be removed for washing.

Trekker 1
Trekker 2

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