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Happy Hacking

Happy Hacking

Here the operative word must be happy. So for this we need a happy horse - the consequence will be a happy rider. Saddle discomfort, while not showing obvious signs, can make a horse much more difficult to ride, taking the pleasure out of the hack (I know, been there, done that, got the T shirt).

But, you protest, the saddles cost more than the horse! Surely we have bought the horse for enjoyment and relaxation, not stress and struggle. So what price happy hacking? A week’s holiday abroad?

General Purpose

For those riders’s of a bigger build this can be a good choice as it is often not possible to ride with a longer leg in comfort for any period of time. So the forward cut flap allows for a bent leg and room for the knee, while also maintaining the balanced riding position and the required degree of security.

Endurance Standard

This saddle is designed for riding with a longer leg and has the appearance of a conventional working hunter saddle, the knee roll being on the sweat flap rather than the leg flap. The knee roll is however adjustable and can be moved or removed to suit the riders wishes.

Trekker I and Trekker II

Trekker 1Trekker 2

Although these saddles represent the lower priced options they are used by many endurance and long distance riders. The Trekker I has no sweat flap, an external knee roll and has dressage length girth straps. Both have a padded cloth or wool seat cover, which can be removed for washing.
Trekker 1
Trekker 2
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