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Icelandic Horses

Will I lose the tolt if I use this saddle? From our experience the answer is: No you will not lose the tolt. As I understand it one of the characteristics looked for in the Icelandic’s movement is a high front leg action. With the shoulders unblocked by thesaddle it should in fact help rather than hinder the movement. All the Icelandic horses, which currently use the saddle, also use all the gaites available to them much to the delight of their riders. For some of the riders we have lowered the cantle at the back and made a flat seat.

The owners preferences so far have been:

Endurance Standard

This saddle is designed for riding with a longer leg and has the appearance of a conventional working hunter saddle, the knee roll being on the sweat flap rather than the leg flap. The knee roll is however adjustable and can be moved or removed to suit the riders wishes.

Trekker I and Trekker II

Trekker 1
Trekker 2

Although these saddles represent the lower priced options they are used by many endurance and long distance riders. The Trekker I has no sweat flap, an external knee roll and has dressage length girth straps. Both have a padded cloth or wool seat cover, which can be removed for washing.
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