Horse saddles for Endurance Riding, Dressage, Jumping, etc.

Horse saddles for endurance, dressage, jumping, etc.Saddle maker, saddle fitting, saddle manufacturer, saddle measurement, saddle position
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Riding to win.  Riding for fun.  Riding to jump.  Riding as art.  Riding the distance.
Does it have to be a struggle?
Is it really possible to sit Shoulder-Hip-Heel without stress and strain? How much of the struggle, stress, strain and disappointment is down to the saddle - ever thought of that?
The perfect saddle would:
  • always have a level seat so we sit in the middle no matter the shape of the horse

  • have a stirrup bar placed to put our heel under the hip without having to pull the leg back

  • encourage the pelvic girdle to be positioned so that the back is aligned and the shoulders are naturally placed above the hips

  • have a passive contact with our horse's back to offer as much freedom as possible

  • be adjustable when the horse changes shape

  • be adjustable when we change the horse

  • reduce the pressure on the horse's back


This was our wish list when we designed the Free 'n' Easy Logosolution and it does all these things for the rider and horse. If you are looking for luxury horseboxes for sale in UK click here.

Want a Classical, Centred or Balanced Seat
A Rounded, Flexible, Engaged, Scopey and Forward going horse?
Get aFree 'n' Easy LogoSaddle!

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