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Shoulder and back freedom are important in jumping. At the initial takeoff, when the front legs of the horse raise the forehand, the shoulder blades must have complete freedom to rotate with ease to optimise the pushing forces. Likewise on landing if the shoulders can move freely relative to the ribcage the impact is better absorbed and the first step into canter more easily achieved.

The saddles are designed to optimise shoulder movement by preventing the front of the saddle ever locking in behind the shoulder. The wide panels prevent pressure points on the back, releasing the back muscles for full use in rounding and basculing over the obstacle. With the adjustable stirrup bar the rider can optimise position to best suit the action of the rider/horse combination.

Jumping Special

This forward cut saddle has a simplicity and economy of design to minimise weight. The single sweat/leg flap also has the girth attached spreading the girthing force over most of the tree so improving saddle stability. Knee and calf rolls can be moved or removed to suit the rider’s preference. The seat is long and flat to allow easy movement over the jumps.
Close contact Jumping saddle under development.
So watch this space.
General Purpose

This saddle is of more conventional construction, is not as forward cut as the Jumping saddle and has a more conventional seat so has greater versatility. The leg flap is made large enough for it to be quite practical in schooling and dressage.

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