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Mountain & Moorland

Mountain & Moorland

"Very very wide, no withers, flat back, big shoulders, large belly, forward girth groove and I cannot get a saddle to fit it just goes round or moves forward!" Mountain and Moorland and Native breed owners often tell us that they find it difficult to get a saddle to fit.

With thesaddle we can make it very wide indeed and because of the adjustment facilities it is possible to maximise the contact area on the horse or pony’s back. This way we can make the most of what wither there is to get lateral stability. The large shoulders can be a help in that they will stop the saddle moving forward even if the girth groove is forward close to the elbows.

The problem of forward movement is a difficult one for a detailed discussion of this see Saddle Fitting for the Thinking Rider Part II, (soon to be on the site). We use three possible solutions to this problem, all of which are currently in use and their use will depend on the use and conformation of the horse; a) moving the girth straps forward and attached to the sweat flap, which requires a dressage style girth (we do not like to fit point straps as these apply too much pressure to the front of the saddle), b) a correctly designed and fitted crupper, c) a breeching which can be thought of as a reverse breast plate or breast girth. In some cases one of these solutions has been temporary as the horse, having changed shape, no longer requires it.

Having established thatsaddles can fit the Mountain & Moorland click on the activity you are interested in and look at the saddles. (click to go back to the "Saddles by Activity, Breed, Problem).

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